Beyonce covers the February issue of Glamour Paris magazine, which was shot obviously before she became preggers or atleast began showing. The diva was photographed by Michelangelo di Battista and is quoted as telling the magazine,  “I’ve been really conscious [about food]. I’ve been trying my best not to lose control.”

She may not have lost control yet, but she’s definitely not sticking to that ‘vegan diet’ that some media outlets reported her and Jay-z adopted during her last few months of her pregnancy.  An eye witness that spotted Bey and Jay at a Brooklyn Restaurant on New Years Eve before they headed to Solange’s houseparty says that she and Jay were throwing down on fried chicken and oysters.  She was also still working them sky high heels, even though it looked as though she would be giving birth at any moment.

She looked amazing. She wore sky-high heels. It was really impressive for an enormously pregnant woman. She looked like she was about to give birth.”

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