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The next time you hit up Walgreens, don’t be shocked if you see a vibrator in aisle 9. I know right! LOL!

Screaming O products will soon hit the shelves at major retail stores such as Walgreens, and other retail websites.

Screaming O, originally started strictly online and in adult stores in 2005. Now it’s hoping to succeed in places such as Walgreens,, and

Unlike Trojan condoms, with their dark/discrete packages, Screaming O is in your face with bright, clearly marked packages. Yep, that’s right EVERYONE will know you’re scooping up a vibrator.

Screaming O is also launching the new ‘Studio Collection” soon too. It’s a package that includes sex toys hidden in lipsticks, eye shadow, and face powder containers.

What do you think? Would you buy a vibrator from the store? Should people feel bad about buying from a store like Walgreens? What do you say if a GUY starts staring at you as you are paying for your vibrator?

via BlackMediaScoop