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Solange, Cassie, VV Brown and more ladies are featured in V magazine’s annual “Music Issue.” Named “Fearless Females” by the publication, the women discuss the recording process, sounds you’ll hear, and messages they want to deliver on their new albums.


On her new album:

There are a lot of songs about sex. It’s the kind of record you put on when your man is coming over, when you’re with your girls. There are songs that make you wanna dance because we were kind of partying our way through the record, but it’s very chill. My references for the record were all Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, not just their typical Janet and Prince stuff, but SOS Band and their b-sides with Chaka Khan. At first the songs were really dark because I had a premonition before the record that I was going to die. I was having panic attacks and wiling out. [But] I don’t need anyone telling me ‘this isn’t cool enough’ or anyone from the opposite end saying ‘this seems kind of weird.’ I’m lucky enough to have been in this business for so long that I know how it works. It’s not that hard. It’s not rocket science.

On her new domestic role:

Now being in a stable situation, sometimes that feels f**ked up within itself. I’ve been on the road my entire life since I was 13, even when I had my son he came on the road with me. Now that he’s in school where there is a real structure, we have to be home during those times. Being that grounded feels really foreign to me.


On her new album:

I have hundreds of songs recorded for this album. I’ve been working on it for a long time. Finally, I had to decide my direction. I felt kind of exposed when I stopped working in the studio. My friends would call me to hang out and I would say, ‘nope, going in the studio,’ and they’d say, ‘you’ve been in the studio for four years!’ At the time I made the record I went out to Ibiza and I really started to feel these jungle beats. But at the same time I wanted to keep the ‘Me and U’ tone, really simple and clean. I have a lot of friends who are DJs and they like to mix, so I like to leave a really clean skeleton with the vocal. In my video we called it ‘giving ’90s supermodel.’ It’s the perfect definition of who I am right now and what I’m going through. People aren’t going to expect me to come out with what I have.”


On her new album:

My second album has a message: it’s about my generation and things going on in the world, but I didn’t want it to come across preachy. I love writing upbeat songs with darker undertones. Sometimes you want to shy away from political things because people will tell you to leave that to the politicians, but I want my fans to hear a message that is about questioning the world and getting them to question what fame is. I find it difficult to even say the word ‘fan.’ We’re all the same. As a generation, let’s evolve and shift away from celebrity culture, I think it’s really unhealthy.

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