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From the first shot fired, not too many people were convinced of how serious this Common vs Drake conflict was. Mostly because the two rapper/actors seem to have more in…er…common than not.

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One guy was crippled by a woman, the other played a cripple. One guy drunk dials his exes (“Marvin’s Room”) and the other guy sends them musical Facebook pokes (“Lovin I Lost.”) They’re both proud members of the light-skinded infantry and really have their producers to thank for their success (we see you 40 and Dion!).

What exactly were they going to do anyway? Knit sweaters for each other out of abrasive fabrics? If they see each other at an industry party were they going to whip out their SAG cards, tie their wrists with scrunchies and reenact the fight scene from West Side Story? Paper cuts do sting, but come on. How can they even have beef, aren’t they both vegetarians?

Yes, we know that Common has a history of rhyme battles with Ice Cube, but isn’t that guy doing kids movies now? Not even a beer can is afraid of O’shea Jackson now. Plus Com just dropped a memoir, which is simply a road map to his emotional distress that Drake can play Shoots and Ladders on. All Aubrey has to do is cover his eyes with some cucumber slices, flip through the pages and point his manicured fingers at any traumatic moment:

“Fatbelly bella called you up–D-League/ said your relationship was flushed–pee-pee”


But whatever. We all know that won’t happen. Why? Because Drake is too busy ducking Tattoo artists to be concerned with Rashid. In fact, the folks at Ego Trip found this exclusive footage of the two artists and it appears they have made amends:

The timeline of the “beef” so far…

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