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Chris Brown and Rihanna almost got into ANOTHER FRACAS last night at LA hot spot Graystone Manor. But this time Chris had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!!

According to a person CLOSE TO RIHANNA . . . Rih and Chris’ GF Karrueche nearly GOT IT POPPIN in the club!!

Here’s what we know. For weeks, pop superstar RIHANNA has been telling people close to her that she is UPSET with Chris’ new GF Karrauche – for making a DISPARAGING YouTube video, where Kae MADE FUN of Rihanna’s accent.

And Kae, we’re told, is also upset with Rihanna – for her BLATANT SHOTS at Chris Brown in her newest video. She also believes that Rihanna WOULD LIKE to get back with Chris Brown.

Well last night, the two ladies GOT IN EACH OTHERS FACES at an LA club. Tells an insider, “[Chris and Kae] were on one side of the VIP and Rihanna was on the other. At one point Rihanna walked over, and Kae stepped to her.”

But before anything could truly POP OFF, Rihanna’s bodyguards came to her rescue, and moved Kae and her girls AWAY from RIH!!!

And that was GOOD for Kae. Cause according to our snitch, Rihanna was prepared to WHOOP KARRAUCHE’S AZZ!!

Developing . . ..

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