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I was going to Nashville I think to do a show; I was on tour for my last book. I said, “I’m going to Nashville.” He said, “I was in L.A, and I was trying to get a hold of you, but I’m in New York now.” I told him, “I’m going to Nashville this weekend,” and he said “Can I meet you there?” I was like, “Yeah, why not?” So he came to Nashville to my show. Then, we had sex. Then, he moved to L.A because he was tape recording so we kind of saw each other for a few of months.

Chelsea Handler With Apple

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We went out. We dated. We had sex. My friends all loved him. My friends fell in love with him. They we’re like, “This huge gangster guy is like the sweetest.” So we dated for a couple months. And this is the best part, he was going to come with my family, because I was going to Anguilla, to go to Christmas vacation, and I go someplace every year with some of my family. He had met my family in Newark–he would come to see a lot of shows, and he would come and meet me a lot of places.

On Why They Broke Up

It was so dumb. it’s almost embarrassing. I really can’t remember the exact the details, but I’ll tell you what I can remember. I think one of his ex-girlfriends was coming on my show and she’s one of those singers -I can’t remember her name. She’s really hot. He was dating her I guess previous to me.

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