Authorities paid a visit to Dekaney High School in Houston, Tex., after what students called an “outrageous” brawl broke out in the cafeteria, KHOU-TV reports.

“All these people came and just started hitting everybody,” student Maya Rodriguez told the station. “After a while, I got hit and everybody just started fighting. So I hit back…”

A student caught the riot on cell phone camera, and told KTRK that students were throwing items like milk cartons in the cafeteria and trash cans in the halls.

Parents told KTRK that they’re sick of the violence the school, and blame the “lack of control” by school officials. Dekaney High School principal Delic Lloyd says they are working to fix the problem, the station reports.

“We are working hard to work together and partner with parents and the community to improve the climate of Dekaney High School and to prove the teaching and learning that’s taking place here,” Lloyd told KTRK.


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