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Arizona is such a special state. On Monday, Rep. Richard Miranda spoke on the House floor and proposed an idea for a Latino American day in the state.  After much debate, fellow representative Cecil Ash stepped up to the mic to let Miranda know he agreed with his idea—but when the tables are turned, he wants to make sure white folks get their own holiday too.

“I’m supportive of this proposition. I just want them to assure me that when we do become in the minority you’ll have a day for us,” he said.

After receiving responses that varied from “crazy idea” to “we need something for whites,” Rep. Ash claimed he was just trying to lighten the mood—although he wasn’t joking about the suggestion.

“Yes, I think it was appropriate. It was appropriate for the mood that was in the House and I think that if and when the Caucasian population becomes a minority, they may want to celebrate the accomplishments and the contributions of the Caucasian population the same way,” he said, adding that the accomplishments of great people should be celebrated no matter their ethnic background.

Every so often these idiots come along with this suggestion and luckily it never goes further than the group of fools who bring it up. It would be silly to think that when white people become the technical minority in 2042 they still won’t have the top spot in society, but you can’t deny that thinking white people better live it up until then is a nice thought.

Rep. Ash just needs to let it go, white accomplishments are shoved down are throats every day in history books and on the news. Like they always say when this discussion comes up: Every day is a holiday for white people.

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.