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*There are so many angles to view the life and memory of Whitney Houston.

The power of her music is undeniable. The message in her many songs will forever be sentimental.  This week Whitney is being examined from her early days as the ingenue with the big voice, to the pop icon plagued by personal demons.  It is an obvious rehashing for someone who could not hide from the constant glare of the spotlight and the relentless probing into her personal life.  Of course the public could not help being curious when either Whitney or her husband Bobby Brown made headlines for non-music related events.  It is the price of fame.  In February 2003, Whitney Houston was on her way to being the most awarded female singer in history, with music grossing more than $400 million worldwide.  But there was a murky side creeping through the flawless and elegant persona that fans saw on screen.

In 2002 tabloids spread news of Houston’s suit against her father’s management company John Houston Enterprise, the same company that managed Whitney.  The singer claimed that the dispute was aimed at the company president Kevin Skinner and not at her father, who passed away in early 2002 without having to appear in court.  Whitney’s erratic behavior was now evidenced by multiple cancellations of appearances.  Fans were also skeptical about the Houston/Brown marriage, as Bobby was experiencing frequent run ins with the law.  With a new album on deck it made sense for the pop diva to harness as much publicity as possible, so Whitney agreed to sit in the ultimate hot seat for a 2002 prime time interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer.  This is the same interview with the “crack is whack” statement by Whitney.  Needless to say, it did little to restore the squeaky clean image of the pop princess that fans had come to love.

By now the buzz on Whitney Houston’s personal life was just as resounding as her melodious and infectious music.  She was “the” topic and the gossip industry’s best bet.  Talk show host Wendy Williams reigned on the air at New York’s WBLS at the time, and she spoke with fervor about Whitney’s every move. One day Whitney had enough and wanted to confront Wendy on the air.  The original premise of the interview was to promote Whitney’s new album “Just Whitney” (released in 2002), but it was clear that Whitney was bemused by Miss Williams and it was time to let her know it.

Wendy Williams talked to Lee Bailey about her only exchange with Whitney Houston.  EURweb presents this audio from the RadioScope Archives from February 2003.  Listen:

EURweb will present the Wendy Williams Whitney Houston interview tomorrow. Whitney Houston was a home girl and a pop idol who lived the full spectrum of both extremes.