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Everybody’s favorite ‘Girlfriend’ Tracee Ellis Ross proves she doesn’t take herself too serious as she poses for the March 2012 issue of UPTOWN Magazine.  Inside, she dishes on experimenting with fashion, being shy until she let her hair go naturally and what she’s learned from her mom, Diana Ross.

On experiencing fashion:

“I have loved magazines since I was a child,” she says, making what would be an almost uncomfortable eye contact for the average person. “And let me explain something, I do not read magazines, I look at the pictures!”

“When I was in high school I would make wish boards,” she continues. “They were feelings and images, not words. It was all fashion.”

On coming out of her shell:

“I was shy, but it came out in a big personality. My turning point was when I let my hair go naturally and I got contact lenses. I am really blind, by the way. I have these big eyes that don’t work!”

On Diana Ross paving her way:

“My mom’s career gave me the benefit of a great life and influenced my style and who I am as a person. I felt afraid about that early on in my career, [but] I am comfortable enough in my own skin now. And Hollywood does not work like that. They will unlock the door, but they sit back and wait to see how you are going to walk through the door.”

“The road my mom went down was not there before she did it. Back then, if you did TV, it did not mean you could do film. She taught me that just because it hasn’t been done does not mean you cannot do it,” Ross says. “I discovered early on that I could either be my mom’s child or I could figure out what makes me happy, and who I am and what I love and makes me want to stay up all night and work. If you asked me back then the things that I loved, it was the same things as now. I played dress up when I was a little girl, but now it has manifested into acting.”

via NecoleBitchie

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