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We toldya Oprah will be the first to interview Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina, well now we’ve learned she may have offered Bobbi Kristina a job at her network OWN. The $1 million dollar job offer comes with strings. We’re told Bobbi Kristina can “earn the money over time if she stays off drugs and focuses on hard work,” a personal close to the family told The Enquirer.

The source says after Whitney’s funeral service, Cissy Houston, Whitney’s mom, begged Oprah to ‘watch over’ her granddaughter because there’s ‘no one else I can trust.’

Cissy said her grandbaby Krissi needed someone to look up to because her life is spiraling out of control. Cissy said she ‘feared’ what might happen to Bobbi Kristina once she returned to live in Georgia with no one to watch over her and she urged Oprah to give the teen a fresh start in California at her OWN television network.

When Cissy asked Oprah for help, she couldn’t resist. “Oprah was one of the first people invited to Whitney’s funeral because Cissy knows how much she meant to Whitney. Afterward, Cissy and Oprah hugged and talked through their tears. Cissy said they could not save Whitney, but there’s a chance to save Krissi. Choking back tears, Oprah said she would do whatever she could to help save Bobbi Kristina , and help her refocus her life by looking toward a promising career.”

True to her word, the media titan has told Bobbi Kristina that she will teach her all about television. Apparently, this $1 million job offer and Oprah’s promise to Cissy is the “secret” behind her interview with Bobbi Kris — which airs this Sunday, March 11 on OWN.

Meanwhile, we’ve also learned Whitney left her entire $20 million dollar estate to Bobbi Kristina. The late pop icon filed her will on Feb. 3, 1993, a month before giving birth to daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, who remained her only child, and amended it in 2000 while still married to Bobby Brown.

According to the 19-page will, Houston left her clothing, jewelry, cars, furniture and all personal effects to her “surviving children.”

And what of her more liquid assets? The will does not specify amounts, but does stipulate that a trust be set up for 19-year-old Bobbi Kristina and that she be allowed access to some of the money when she’s 21, a little more when she’s 25 and then the rest at age 30.

Bobby Brown is not mentioned in the will at all. FYI, they divorced in 2007.

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via BlackMediaScoop

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