Michael Vick is conquering his economic demons with a VENGEANCE — tackling creditors in his bankruptcy case left and right … and TMZ has learned, he’s just a paycheck away from total financial freedom.

You’ll recall … Vick filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July 2008 after the infamous dog-fighting scandal — when he lost his NFL salary and several lucrative endorsement deals. According to court docs, Vick owed approximately $20 MILLION to dozens of creditors.

But Vick’s been busting his ass to pay off his debts ever since he was reinstated with the Eagles in 2009 — in fact, according to a new filing in his bankruptcy case, he’s already reduced his outstanding debt to less than $400,000.

According to the docs, the outstanding debt is owed to Bank of America (related to one of his properties), BMW financial services, and his friendly neighborhood tax collector.

Sounds like a lot of money — but to put it in perspective … Vick earned over $11 MILLION between July and September 2011.

via TMZ

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