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Atlanta rap upstart Future is at the center of hip-hop’s horizon for his ‘Scarface’-inspired single ‘Tony Montana,’ and the accompanying Jessy Terrero-directed visuals, which debuted yesterday (Oct. 27). He may be a newcomer to some, but his lyrical hustle has a history. From features on mixtapes to an assist on YC’s stack-happy anthem ‘Racks,’ this former basketball player is thrilled to have the ball in his court now — Future scored a meeting with L.A. Reid and inked a fresh deal with Epic Records just a few months ago. Currently, his ‘Streetz Calling’ mixtape is heating up the rap scene, but that’s just a preface to the “astronaut music” he’s creating for his debut LP, ‘Pluto,’ which will also feature his follow-up single ‘Magic.’ “I’m a trendsetter,” he tells The BoomBox. “It’s astronaut music ’cause it’s music without limitations.”

Read on as the dreadlocked rhymer shares his love of Shakespeare, tells the story of his rap sibling and explains the concept behind his ‘Tony Montana’ video.

What can people expect from you in the video, being that it’s the first time your officially showing off visuals for a song?

The concept of the video, [it’s] me going from Atlanta over to Santo Domingo, it was a robbery going on and I’m supposed to come over and see what’s going on, like who was behind the schemes and who’s all involved in the robbery. I come over and meet the modern day 2011 Tony Montana. It’s more of a movie than a video.

Was this the first time you traveled to the Dominican Republic?

That was my first time being in D.R. We had to go to D.R. to make it feel international. It’s an international record. We wanted to make the Spanish community feel like they were a part of the whole movement.

The song’s been out for awhile. Do you feel like you should’ve released a video to support the track earlier?

To be honest, I think it’s long overdue. But it’s always timing. Timing is everything. Only time will tell how big the video can actually be. The song’s been out for five months now.