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Any question or doubt that Sisters With Voice (SWV) would have trouble making a comeback can be put to an end. Their new single “Co-Sign” dropped today and it’s so 90’s! The beat reminds me of their hit “Right Here” they even sing a line from the song “love will be right here.” The song is a guarantee that more good music is to come from the R&B girl group and honestly all age groups are likely to fall in love with the sound. Taj, LeLee and Coko believe that R&B groups can come back and run the game, besides history always does find a way to repeat itself, I can see it beginning with them.

VV talked with each member about how life was outside of the spotlight, what it’s like to be back in it, the story behind “Co-Sign” and more. Check out what each member had to say.

What was life like outside of the spotlight and watching the women on the rise in the industry?

Taj: It was cool listening to them. It made me want to be out there with them.

LeLee: You know to be honest, I wouldn’t say it was the greatest, but it was peaceful. You didn’t have to worry about people constantly picking on you for no reason. I went to church a lot more and my relationship with God flourished. I had to use that time to figure out who I was and what my purpose was in life. Throughout all of my trials and tribulations–I love who I am today. I chose life over death. I chose living for me instead of living for people. Part 2. I really got to see music change, especially for the women. Sometimes I didn’t know if they were selling records or their ass lol. On a serious note, I really enjoyed seeing Beyonce blossom because I have history with her. I always knew she was the star she is today back when she was way younger. It was just in her. I also enjoyed Jill Scott, India.Irie, and a few others

Coko: Well for me I was still recording but just a different genre of music. I recorded a solo R&B CD, then went on to record 2 gospel CD’s & became a Grammy nominated gospel artist, so that was pretty awesome!

Being back on the scene, how do you feel fans and the younger generation receive you?

Taj: I’m hoping that our fans and the younger generation receive SWV well, like we never left.

LeLee: Well I don’t really know yet because we haven’t really gotten out there yet. We do have a lot of younger fans though–some of them know the songs, but cant put a face to it. They know the songs because of their mom and older family and friends who came up in our era. I’d like to bring the younger fans in our world of real music. Music that is honest and doesn’t lie. We want them to know that lovemaking is not a hit and run, but a process.

Coko: I think the fans are going to receive us well. We’re not going to try to be anything other than SWV. We’ve always had our own sound & we plan to continue with it just on a more updated level. As for the younger generation, I think they’re are going to love us as well because our music is still fresh sounding.

As we see R&B groups start to make a comeback, do you think female groups can be a major hit again? If so, what will it take?

Taj: I do believe R&B groups can make a comeback. Quality music is the key. As long as the music is of great quality any artist stands a chance.

< strong>LeLee: I believe so. Usually with female groups and groups period, I think sometimes we get in our own way with the petty internal stuff and the demands of the business. I believe if we focus more on what’s important, which is the people that got us here in the first place (the fans) we will be around for another 20 years– because they will keep us here.

Coko: I think anybody can be a major hit again with hard work! Girl groups are missing right now & every few years we go away but now’s our time to shine. Maybe with SWV’s return we will see more girl groups coming out doing their thing…it’s needed!