Are you ready to be taken on a rollercoaster ride of musical insanity, mesmerizing rap bars, catchy pop tracks that you may not want to like, but end up singing anyway and of course, Nicki’s naughty alter-ego Roman Zolanski?!

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded leaked late last week, and many people were surprised that the 19-track album (22 tracks with the Deluxe Edition) featured over 8 pop tracks on her highly anticipated hip-hop album.

The first 9 tracks on Roman Reloaded are strictly hip-hop, featuring rappers like 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Cam’ron, Lil Wayne, and Drake, but the tide quickly turns into what many would consider a NOW! That’s What I Call Music pop collection.

LEAK: Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday Roman Reloaded [LISTEN]

Tracks like “Starships,” “Pound The Alarm,” and “Whip It” could easily be featured on any pop star’s new album, which shows Nicki’s diversity, but could cause confusion among her core fan base.

Take a look at a review of GlobalGrind’s 10 favorite Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded tracks below!

“Roman Holiday”– As soon as this track blasts through your speakers, listeners will instantly be taken back to Nicki’s controversial Grammy performance. Initially, “Roman Holiday”s lyrical content was overshadowed by Nicki, or should we say Roman’s, over the top Grammy performance, but we urge listeners to give this flamboyant track another chance – you won’t be disappointed.

“Come On A Cone”– This “Did It On ‘Em” reminiscent beat comes ringing in your headphones as quickly as Nicki switched up alter-egos. “Come On A Cone” boasts a beat that’s eerily similar to the sound of a swarm of attacking bees. In between Nicki’s clever punch lines, the listener will somehow find themselves singing about a d*ck in close proximity to their face. A definite must-listen!

“I Am The Leader” – Three songs deep and Nicki still maintains her allegiance to hip-hop with this declaration of leadership from the Queen Barbz. Although “I Am The Leader” features Rick Ross, the highlight of this song comes from Harlem’s own Cam’Ron who makes a special guest appearance with his simple riddle rhymes that are nostalgic of Dipset’s hey-day.“Beez In The Trap”– This is probably one of the best tracks on Roman Reloaded. If you fell in love with Nicki when Sucka Free was popping on the mixtape circuit, than “Beez In The Trap” will “beez” right up your alley. Definitely a classic old school Nicki.

“HOV Lane” – Strap on your seatbelts ladies and gentleman, Nicki Minaj is speeding up the HOV lane on this one. The Pink Friday rapper fires off line by line in a machine gun flow over a 808-heavy banger. Nicki gets right to the point with the rhymes, but keeps them a little less witty and significantly less clever, but she still gets a job well done while in the HOV Lane of course.

LEAK: Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday Roman Reloaded [LISTEN]

“Roman Reloaded”– This sh*t bang! Point. Blank. Period. Nicki Minaj addresses all her haters on this track and counters the critics who accuse Nicki of selling out to pop. She definitely washes her critics with the help of Lil Wayne in a dual lyrical assassination.

“Champion”- This retrospective track explores Nicki’s more serious side and details the trials and tribulations of Nicki’s now solidified success. The track also features bars from fellow Young Money rapper Drake, Young Jeezy, and Nas, who all touch on their own personal struggles in the industry. This relatable track will definitely make you evaluate your own life. Source

“Right By My Side”– With the help of Chris Brown, Ms. Minaj taps into her emotional side as they duet about keeping their loves near. Nicki leaves her witty rhymes at home and shows off her vocal ability as she sings throughout most of the track.

“Sex In The Lounge”– Nicki keeps up the love talk on this mellow track. Nicki recounts the dynamics of her relationship with a street connoisseur as Bobby V’s R&B vocals ring in the background to add a special touch. Lil Wayne comes through on the track talking about his usual vulgar sexscapades.

LEAK: Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday Roman Reloaded [LISTEN]

“Stupid Hoe”– The flirty track exhibits Nicki’s ability to play around, but still kill all these “stupid hoes” lyrically. Nicki fires off diss after diss to her arch nemesis Lil Kim, but still manages to balance her disses with clever punch lines. Let’s also not forget Nicki’s off-key singing at the bridge of the song. “Stupid Hoe” is probably the perfect track to end her sophomore album. It’s playful, witty, and filled with laughs.

So Barbz, it’s finally here! Pick up your copy of Nicki Minaj’s “

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LEAK: Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday Roman Reloaded [LISTEN]

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