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East Coast or West Coast? Nas says his 2 Pac beef was dead before the legendary emcee’s fatal departure!!!

Rap veteran Nas recently revealed his under the radar bond with late music mogul Tupac Shakur, claiming they previously talked about their mid-1990′s feud.

“Pac’s one of my favorite artists,” Nas said in an interview “We saw each other — really got to the bottom of it. What he said to me is, ‘Me and you are brothers. Me and you are never supposed to go at it. But I heard you were dissing me on this new Akinyele album.’ … Greater heads prevailed — and we both knew we were supposed to continue that conversation. I was scheduled to meet him in [Las] Vegas — and you and [Interscope Records head] Jimmy Iovine called me at about four in the morning and told me that he might not make it.” (Go Where Hip Hop Is)

Last year, Nas talked about his stance toward the late music mogul.

“See, I was always into ‘Pac early before his controversial side blew up all over America and the world. I was already into his music,” Nas said in an interview. “I saw him as a kindred spirit, I saw him as a brother, so it was like beefin’ with your brother. Not even beefin’, it felt like, your brother over there’s a little mad. This is an issue right now, so you gotta deal with it.” (XXL Mag)

On Pac’s “Against All Odds,” he directly calls out Nas over using the same sample utilized for his single, “All Eyez On Me.”

“Lord listen to me/God don’t like ugly, It Was Written/(ey yo Nas) Nas, your whole d*mn style is bitten/You heard my melody, read about my life in the papers/All my run-ins with/authorities, felonious capers/Now you wanna live my life, so what’s a Hausa Nas?/N*ggas that don’t rhyme right, you’ve seen too many movies/Load em up against the wall, close his eyes/Since you lie you die, GOODBYE/Let the real live n*ggas hear the truth from me/What would you do if you was me n*gga” (“Against All Odds”)

In 2011, an unreleased Pac diss record leaked online with the rap mogul taking shots at God’s Son, Notorious B.I.G., Diddy, De La Soul and more.

“We untouchable now that we shook Doc Dre,” Pac raps. “He ain’t made a beat in six years, swear he the sh*t/Don’t get no record sales suckin’ Nas d*ck — I heard Nas got beef ’cause I’m dissing his clique/Cool, come bring your a** n*gga you can get dissed — De La got a problem with this hard sh*t, ever since ‘Me, Myself & I’ y’all been garbage/I’ma keep this real, show y’all how it feels to ride/y’all went three feet high and stopped rising/ Wendy Williams is a fat b*tch, that’s the truth/I got a job full of n*ggas nuts, that’s for you/Let the West Side, East Side drama cease, I’ll come alone to your own streets, Outlaw — Cream Puff never had no heart to start, so how the h*ll Biggie Smalls get the part? Watch yo mouth!” (“Watch Yo Mouth”)

Check out Nas’ interview below:

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