George Zimmerman might want to start auditioning new lawyers. His legal team, led by attorney Craig Sonner, said Tuesday (April 10) that they are withdrawing from the case because the 28-year-old has gone missing.

In the bizarre press conference, the lawyers once again painted Zimmerman with the victim brush, while questioning his mental stability in light of the negative press he has received.”We had contact as of Sunday, in the last couple of days, he has not returned phone calls, or emails,” Sonner said. “I’ve lost contact with him at this point.”

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Several of Zimmerman’s actions—including having a conversation with Fox News personality Shawn Hannity, and telling special prosecutor in the case, Angela Corey, that he had no legal counsel—have helped the attorneys conclude that their services are no longer needed.

The fact that the lawyers chose to unleash their slander in such a heated press conference, is the most recent example of why Zimmerman’s defense is falling apart right before his eyes. Last week, his friend and former co-worker, Joe Oliver, announced that he was no longer speaking on the controversial topic.

This latest blow to his credibility, comes on the heels of Zimmerman launching a website to ask the public for donations.