Now maybe I’m crazy but with the songs and topics that this guy right here talks about…the last thing I could imagine him doin is droppin some knowledge a midst of all that damn “cookin”…Swag Swag!! Lol

– RoDigga

This really happened. Last night, Lil B actually lectured at New York University. The Based God dropped some choice quotes throughout the night that fall in line with his usual hippie rapper doofus antics. At one point the “Wonton Soup” rapper goes on a lengthy spiel about studying the ant communities that invaded his apartment as well as the importance of “common vibe of peace.” Peep the multiple videos of Lil B dropping his philosophies below and in the gallery.

Thank the Based God for his wisdom (the Fader has the full transcript). And demand a refund if you go to NYU and this is where part of your tuition was spent.

Check out the Video: CLICK HERE TO WATCH