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Kim Kardashian should stay far away from Howard Stern!!! Howard Stern gives us the long awaited Kim Kardashian rant!!!

Renowned radio personality Howard Stern has offered his take on the current tabloid-generating relationship between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, specifically targeting the reality star’s actions as of late.

The outspoken shock jock slammed Kim Kardashian and her recently publicized relationship with Kanye West during an on-camera interview with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway. “This is the girl who got famous revealing everything about her personal life,” Stern pointed out. “Now … she thinks she’s Jennifer Aniston. ‘I don’t want to talk about Kanye, I don’t want to speak about it, I don’t read the tabloids, everyone back off.’” “The second her show gets a dip in the ratings … she’ll have Kanye in his underwear, dancing on her show,” he smirked about Kardashian’s love for attention. (New York Daily News)

Earlier this month, Kardashian danced around Yeezy dating questions during an interview.

“I completely respect and understand that you have to ask these questions, but as I’ve said before, Kanye and I have been friends for years. You know, you never know what the future holds or where my life will take me. So [‘Theraflu?’] I like the song!” (“Today”)

Despite Kim’s stance, media spotted Ye and Kardashian together on numerous accounts in early April.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are dating … for real … TMZ has learned. Sources tell us the relationship is “just starting.” The two were photographed on their way out of a movie date to see “Hunger Games” in NYC last night (above). Apparently, Kanye has been after Kim for a while — he just released a new song, “Theraflu” … in which he says he had feelings for the reality star while she was dating Kris Humphries. UPDATE: 11:45 AM PDT — Kim and Kanye just hit up a fancy restaurant on the UES for date #2 — we got footage. 10:28 AM PDT — So …. just a few hours ago, Kim was seen leaving from the building where Kanye lives … wearing the same clothes she rocked to the movies last night. (TMZ)

Recently, the reality star’s sister, Khloeco-signed their bond.

“Honestly, we’ve known Kanye forever. He’s been a great family friend,” Khloé said in an interview. “I love Kanye. … I don’t know what happens with Kim. I think they’re cute together, I’ve said that, but, honey, I don’t know. I like Kanye. I think Kim and Kanye, they’ve known each other for a really long time. I think they’re good friends, and they’re compatible, and I think friendships is where good relationships stem from.” (“Ellen DeGeneres Show”)

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