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The industry’s elite including Lyor Cohen, Swizz Beatz and more came out to salute Rick Ross, and he spoke on new business ventures, including a clothing line…?

Elliot Wilson, CEO of Rap Radar was the host, and he opened by apologized for the delay: “It’s Hip Hop.”

They then showed a 2 minute video of Ross and MMG’s accomplishments.

Elliot then introduced Lyor Cohen of Warner Bros. He spoke on Hip Hop’s accomplishments, from the Grammy’s beating the Oscars, to Diddy building a $100 million company.

Lyor made some interesting points:

Logos and labels are defined not by the logos themselves, but by the people who make the label.

People think average people can be successful. That’s not true. That’s why [Ross] keeps his roster so tight and so focused…

And shoutout to Lyor for cussin at the podium lol. Then he introduced Ross.

Rick Ross answered some questions from Elliot Wilson:

On how/why his label has been successful:

I was a student of the game. Watching rocafella, watching cash money, watching bad boy..i knew being here was the desire…

On his choice of artists for his brand:

It was a natural bond. The sound we created was really special, and that’s what I look for in the studio.

On connecting the dots between the streets and social media:

It’s about content. When I was watching the artists that I was the biggest fan of, I wanted more content. I want to know what you’re doing in the stuido, so that’s waht we did. I wanted to make sure people see the process.

[By the way, Stalley wasn’t there because he’s overseas performing.]

Swizz Beatz was also in the building. He spoke very highly of Ross, saying he’s a “great person…he’s humble, he’s trying to get to the next level,” and more. also revealed that Rick Ross will be leading Reebok’s big and tall line. Nice….

Then Diddy came out!

Diddy had total praise for Ross, saying:

“this is not an accident. He knows hard work pays off. This is one of the best signings Lyor has signed since Def Jam. Maybach Music…the way that Ross is so talented as a brand builder, every time you hear that Australian girl say ‘maybach music,’ your dick gets hard. At least my dick gets hard.”


Diddy goes on to say Ross is the most consistent artist in the game right now, and says he can’t remember when he heard a wack Rick Ross record. And he says that Ross “has the best ears” when it comes to picking a track, and he “stays directly in his lane.”

Diddy says there’s no other artist who took advantage of social media like Rick Ross. (take notes, rappers….). Ross is also the first rapper Diddy chose to endorse Ciroc. He says they went from 40,000 cases to 2 million cases with Ross’ help.

And back to the Q&A:

 On endorsing Ciroc before even signing an endorsement deal:

It’s just the way i was raised, I’m just a loyal dude. When I rock with you, Ima rock with you the whole way. Everything [diddy] ever told me since i met him, he did it.

Then Wale comes to the podium…

He said “Self Made Vol 2″ drops June 26th, and hints that it’s incredible. He says there are some songs he wanted to keep for his album because they could push his album to gold in the first week.

And more Q&A:

On working on “Self Made Vol 2:”

The personal connection really reflects in the music. It reflects the amount of time you want to spend with that person making music. One thing I gotta commend Wale about is, he makes hit records himself. “Lotus Flower Bomb” was his idea. This one [the album] is better than the first. Expect a better project.

Then Meek Mill comes to the poduim….

His debut album “Dreams and Nightmares” comes out 8/28, his mixtape “Dreamchasers 2″ comes out 5/7.

Meek Mill on his upcoming album “Dreams and Nightmares:”

I’m giving you both sides. The nice cars is the dreams and what I wanted to happen. And the nightmares is getting stuck in the streets, going to jail, etc.

When is Ross’ “God Forgives and I Don’t” come out???

7/31/12 “I think the people ready for it.” He goes on to say “by the time you get to track 2, you’ll understand this is a completely different body of work.” None of the material that’s been released is on the album.

THEN….Rick Ross announces the newest member of MMG…..OMARION! We told you!

On signing Omarion:

We had a few conversations and we made the situation happen. The homie is a phenominal entertainer. He’s an actor, he’s a writer. I just thought it would be a great move for both of us. His work ethic gone speak for itself.

They premiered the trailer for Omarion, aka Maybach O’s, new video “Let’s Talk.” It looks like classic sexy Omarion. (Minus the sexy lol) Song sounds cool though.

Ross, Omarion, Wale, Meek Mill and French Montana

Rick Ross is also executive producing French Montana’s debut album “Excuse my French,” coming out 7/17.

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