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Speaking with The Life Files, Amber Rose, addresses whether or not she plans to pursue a recording career full-time. Speaking of, she was asked about Kanye West’s “Theraflu,” which references her fiance, Wiz Khalifa. Though she swears she doesn’t think about her ex like that anymore, she did say something relatively nice about him.

What’s the status of her music career?

I’ve been approached by a label already and I’m just going to do it when it’s fun. I got engaged, so my priorities kind of changed a little but I’m going to make music when it’s fun. I’m not quite sure if I’m going to do an entire album now because I don’t want to put out music then it’s like, “Oh, now you have to go do a lot of shows” and by that time me and Wiz want to have kids and stuff like that. My priorities have definitely changed.

Is video modeling a dead end?

Well, obviously it’s not a dead end because I’m still around.

Her thoughts on Kanye’s “Theraflu”:

What did I think about the song? I don’t know Kanye as a person anymore. I don’t know him anymore; it’s been almost two years. At first, I didn’t understand what is he trying to say but I think I took it as a positive at the end and I feel like it’s cool. He respects Wiz as he should and I respect his decisions. I think people fail to realize that Kanye, he’s just my ex-boyfriend. We weren’t married. We didn’t have children together. We both moved on with our lives and it seems like we’re both really happy.

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