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Though an “SNL” producer lashed out at Rihanna for missing her rehearsal performance before the show this past Saturday (saying she looked fine), Rihanna tweeted a pic of herself on the juice (an IV) last night.  She wants to prove she really was sick over the weekend.

When Rihanna missed her ‘SNL’ dress rehearsal (done right before the live show) over the weekend, the audience and the show’s producers were pissy.  No matter how big the star…from Janet to Madonna….NO ONE calls out.

Rihanna said she was sick, however, a producer, Lorne Michaels, felt that she looked fine.  Especially as   In her defense, she did make it to the live show but folks are still upset.

Ri tweeted a pic yesterday of herself with an IV stuck in her arm proving she really was sick… some point over the past few days.  And it’s not the first time as she had to have an IV while in Sweden last year.  That rockstar lifestyle is no joke…

Maybe this will get her back in the good graces of ‘SNL’.  Folks would love to see her with “Shy Ronnie” again.

The “Birthday Cake” singer is scheduled to perform her single “Where Have You Been” on the “American Idol” finale May 23rd on FOX.


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