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So it’s no secret that Chris can dance his a** off. Everyone knows it, and the boy don’t stop! So who cares if he doesn’t sing live sometimes, right?

Apparently, a lot of people.

Chris Brown, Usher, Alicia Keys, and More 2012 Billboard Award Performances [VIDEO]

After receiving high praises from Brandy, who introduced his performance last night at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards, Chris took to the stage for another high-energy performance of, ‘Turn Up The Music’. He tore up the stage for five straight minutes while surrounded by dancers, guys on bikes doing tricks and special stage lights. Although it was clearly about providing entertainment in the form of great choreography to Chris versus blowing the roof off of the building with his vocals, Chris’ critics definitely weren’t satisfied. Before he even had the chance to finish up his performance, a few celebs took to twitter to call him out for lip-synching:

Joe Jonas: What happened to people singing live???”

Pink: “One day if I lipsync, I hope I do it as well as him”

Chrissy Tiegen (John Legend’s girlfriend): “Live singing is a helluva thing.”

Now, Pink is never the one to hold her tongue on Twitter but poor Chrissy got more than she bargained for from Chris’ fans Team Breezy. She retweeted their malicious comments for two hours straight before tweeting,

‘I’ve had comments ranging from “kill yourself you stupid HO” to “gold digging cunt” “get a f-cking job”, etc. because I don’t like him?…seriously. this isn’t your f-cking job. You guys are too young for this sh-t. too f-cking young. stop being psychotic. be strong women. listen to opinions without spewing pure maliciousness…John [Legend] has gotten numerous comments about him needed to “leash” me or “control” me. FROM WOMEN. please stop this. What are you even doing this for? some good music and dancing? good god. DO BETTER.

Fortunately for Chris, he decided to stay out of the drama and kept it positive. In response, he tweeted:

“Must be too bright outside! I’m finding the “shade” and keeping cool! Love and blessings!”

He also tweeted a special message of appreciation to his fans after winning the award for Top R&B Artist of the year over Beyonce, Rihanna, Miguel and Cee Lo Green.

“I wanna thank everyone who worked on any of my music! The awards are dedicated to you all!

I’m humbled by the success I’ve gained from my fans and support of my team and peers! Not a generic statement! Really from the heart!”

Chris Brown, Usher, Alicia Keys, and More 2012 Billboard Award Performances [VIDEO]


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