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I came across this picture on my Facebook timeline last night and it was posted with some caption along the lines of WOMEN! How could someone smile putting someone else through so much pain—or something like that—attached to one of Usher’s many profile pages. I saw that it had a lot of likes but I didn’t know how much pick up it received until Tameka Raymond put out a response to it, which means you’ve probably come across it too.

Coming out a day after we saw Usher wiping away tears in court, Tameka’s grin does look rather sinister in a “haha I’m taking your kids and your money” kind of way, but the timing is also why I was weary of potential propaganda. After she got word of the pic, Tameka tried to clear the air. She tweeted:

“He is looking at cell phone! NOT CRYING. WE BOTH LAUGHED. This was today & NOT during any testimony! Don’t listen to fools….Im done responding 2 this stuff.. Just pls dont drink the Kool Aid or be fooled by obvious PR stunts, they’re rampant these days. Nuff said.”

Truthfully, Tameka could be laughing on her own if she wanted to. It’s not like popular opinion really matters in terms of who gets custody and I don’t think there’s much she could ever do to make people like her anyway since most never really did from the very beginning. She does look awfully cool and calm smashing on whatever is in that container though. Somebody must think she’s got this case in the bag. Every time we see Usher he looks like he needs some Kleenex and a drink.

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.


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