Chris Brown comes out! Not in the way Raz B would’ve liked… Raz B claims in tell all book that numerous artists are gay… Chris Brown, one of the names on the list goes to Twitter to let out his frustration!!

Chris Brown just can’t stay away from a good Twitter beef. Earlier this week, Chis Brown’s fans clashed with supermodel Chrissy Teigen over her critique of Breezy’s Billboard Awards performance, and now the R&B star is venting about Raz B’s new tell all book. Raz claims that Brown was romantically involved with Andre Merritt, an up and coming songwriter.

Read what Raz B has to say about some of your favorite artists here:

None too pleased, Breezy shot back:

He also gave Raz B a warning: “Keep feeding people bulls*it and ima end up owning you and that book! RAZ B!”

Alas, yet another R&B beef is born.

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