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We’re not sure how much of that $10,000 came out of whose wallet, but we bet the majority of the cash was courtesy of “Southern Hospitality” rapper Ludacris.’

Wednesday night, he and his lady, Eudoxie, Monica, rapper Lil Scrappy, and DJ Infamous made it rain car payments, house notes, and school loans at Diamonds of ATL in the good ol’ dirty.

Though we’ve seen time and time again, Atlanta entertainers feel there’s no need for a special occasion to prove it ain’t trickin’ on strippers if you got it, the A-listers did come out for a purpose that night. They were there to celebrate Imfamouses’ 10-year anniversary as a DJ.

As you can see from the pics, the dancers weren’t the only ones working up a sweat. Luda was clearly perspiring over all of the T&A surrounding him, or perhaps it was the thought of dropping that kind of cash when he hasn’t had an album release or movie role in years. What he did have was a book bag stuffed with singles strapped tightly to his chest to make sure the strippers were the only one’s who reaped what he sowed. TMZ also has more pics of the hilarious expressions on his face as he threw out cash. He clearly had a good night.

FYI, if Ludacris becomes one of those dudes crying broke 10 years from now, these photos will be thrown back in his face. Also, Monica’s hubby Shannon Brown was nowhere to be found which makes me wonder if she don’t play that.

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