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UPDATE: JESSE Jackson Jr.’s Office responds

The Jesse Jackson Jr. camp Wednesday night released only the barest of details of the congressman’s purported illness.

“The congressman is receiving intensive medical treatment at a residential treatment facility for a mood disorder,” says a statement attributed to Jackson’s doctor. “He is responding positively to treatment…”

The congressman’s office quickly added, “The rumors about him being treated for alcohol or substance abuse are not true.”

But a family friend tells BMS that the congressman’s problems run much deeper.

That he has severe clinical depression, a drinking problem or a problem with alcohol with treatment at a facility in Arizona.

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell confirms for BMS that Rep Jesse Jackson Jr is in a rehab facility in AZ suffering from alcoholism and addiction.

Jackson went missing from his Congressional duties on June 10 and hasn’t been seen since.

The initial explanation was “exhaustion.” Those familiar with the press releases of the late Whitney Houston , Lindsay Lohan or the late Amy Winehouse know just how tiring a lifestyle entangled with alcohol and/or drugs can be.

The level of secrecy surrounding Jackson’s complete disappearance certainly suggests something is being covered up.

His Congressional office issued an updated press release concerning his condition…..HERE is the statement from Congressman Jackson’s doctor’s office today.

“Information regarding the Congressman’s treatment is protected by federal law under the privacy provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPPA”). The name of the attending physician and treatment center will not be disclosed in order to protect his continuing privacy. His physician makes the following statement:

“The Congressman is receiving intensive medical treatment at a residential treatment facility for a mood disorder. He is responding positively to treatment and is expected to make a full recovery.”

In addition, the rumors about him being treated for alcohol or substance abuse is not true.

Society has generally accepted the disease concept of alcoholism and drug addiction since the late 20th century. Of course it is a troubling issue for a family to deal with and come to understand. But this isn’t simply about a man and his family.

It could be September by the time Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. returns to Congress, insiders tell Politico after the Illinois lawmaker was hospitalized for exhaustion.

And that’s “if he comes back at all,” notes one Democrat.

An Illinois radio station reported a rumor that the son of the civil rights leader had attempted suicide, but his father says that’s completely “not true. He’s with his doctor and getting treatment, regaining his strength. That’s all I really want to say at this point,” the Rev. Jesse Jackson says.

An aide to the younger Jackson said he had “no … information” to indicate a suicide attempt.

Jackson you may recall was busted for cheating on his longtime wife ABOVE on left / Jumpoff on right

PLUS he was implicated in the Senate seat-peddling scandal that imprisoned Rod Blagojevich; a major Democratic fundraiser linked to him was indicted last month on fraud charges. Jackson has denied impropriety in lobbying Blagojevich for the Senate appointment.

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Rev. Jesse Jackson a Deadbeat Dad! Owes $12K in Child Support!

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