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‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ has been smashing the ratings this Season which means folks love to see a train wreck. The most talked about and dysfunctional storyline involves Mimi Haust who’s been with producer Stevie J on-and-off again for 15 years.  This season, Stevie not only got one of his artist’s, a former stripper name Joseline,  pregnant (you really can’t make this stuff up) but on the latest episodes Mimi started to get harassing messages from her before they sat down for a woman-to-woman talk.  Meanwhile, off screen, Joseline has been flaunting a ring on twitter and acting as though she and Stevie J are now engaged.

Mimi recently called in to IPower 92 to chat with TT Torrez  to clear up some misconceptions about her relationship and the show.  She was adamant that she didn’t know what was going on before the show aired and she says that Stevie had Joseline stored as ‘Big Homie’ in his phone so she didn’t know that it was her that was calling all of the time. She also claims she would have never sat down with Joseline about the pregnancy if it wasn’t for the show and that was for entertaining purposes only.

Check out the highlights below:

On whether she knew Stevie J was cheating on her

I knew something was going on, I just didn’t know what …we actually started the show maybe a month after I found out about what was going on. [..] I don’t go through his phone but I just know that ‘Big Homie’ was calling him all the damn time. For people who are judging and saying, ‘you’re so stupid and blah blah blah,’ I did not know. When he tells me ‘Baby I’m going towork, I’m not running behind him, [saying] who are you with? What are you doing? Who’s at the studio? I’m at home raising my daughter, so I didn’t know.

On how she met Stevie

I’ve known Stevie for 15 years, we have had an on and off again relationship. I was not with Stevie when he was in any other relationship. I was not with Stevie when he had all of his kids.

On why she agreed to sit down with Joseline

I didn’t feel the need, that was for y’all entertainment, lets be clear [laughs]

On why she goes to therapy with Stevie

The therapy was his idea because he wanted to get back on a page, you know he was still telling me ‘I want my family’ and blah blah ‘this is just business’ ‘This is just work’ ‘Please lets just work this out’ ‘I love you’ and blah blah. I have a two year old with this man so I saw him try to make an effort to keep his family together, so that’s why I agreed to go to therapy.

On whether she plans on getting back with him

[Long silence] You’ve got to tune in Monday night VH1 8pm [laughs]

On whether Stevie J and Joseline are really getting married

Oh God! Come on. Stop it [laughs]

On Stevie J as a father

Crazy enough his great with the baby. He is great with her — like when they are together it’s like crazy. I asked him this question;  ‘You have three girls, what example are you setting for your three daughters? Would you want one of your daughters to meet someone that does what you do to women? Would you want that for your girls? I propose this question to him all the time

On whether she still sleeping with Stevie J

Sleeping with who?

On whether she still loves him

I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t.

On whether her cleaning company would be enough to keep her and her daughter going if she decided to quit the show

Absolutely. I have a high end [cleaning] service, I do residential and commercial property and I also do detailed cleanings. I don’t just go in and clean your home. That’s the misconception I’ve had.  They call me a maid. I do organizing, I do your carpets. I’m more of the organizing side of things than just cleaning. I’ve had my business for 11 years, so this isn’t just something that I just started, I’ve been doing this for years.

On whether she has been able to seek therapy to help her sort through her personal life

No, I haven’t but that’s something that I absolutely need to do and I’ve been wanting to do.

On whether she is really friends with Karlie Redd

When you say friend that word is thrown around loosely, I think that that’s a misconception. There’s people that you know  and people that you kick it with but ‘friend’, she uses that word real loose and a friend of mine would not do what she has done and is still doing. I watched the show yesterday and she said something real slick yesterday and I was like ‘Really?’

On Karlie Redd’s relationship with Benizo

Some of us are opportunists and they gotta do what they gotta do

Listen below:

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