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By: Taren Vaughan

The K. Michelle and Toya Wright beef began shortly after K. namelessly claimed Toya’s husband Memphitz to be her abusive ex boyfriend. Toya wasn’t too pleased with this public accusation, one that Memphitz still denies and K. says is nothing but the truth. So on to her Twitter and Instagram account she went to indirectly come at K. for putting her husband on blast. Now we all know how K. Michelle rolls when it comes to people trying to talk slick about her, indirectly or directly. And even though we saw Toya and Memphitz go back and forth with K. Michelle, a question that still resides in some people is if K. had a problem with Toya before all this went down?

Before addressing her real beef with Toya in her interview with Gossip We Love, K. Michelle talks about how she truly feels about fellow cast mate Karlie Redd. K. may not pure hate Karlie Redd but she is still not one of her favorite people and K. feels that Karlie’s real role on the show is to be a lying clown:

“I don’t hate any one but I strongly dislike her…She’s really ridiculous, like she’s a constant liar, like she will lie about the color of her panties. I know everybody has their role on the show and I understand that hers is to be the clown”

And K. Michelle says that Karlie is probably just fine with playing that part seeing as though she really has nothing else to fall back on:

“She’s just done too much and like honestly, I’m not lying  the girl is super, super old. There’s nothing else she can do, maybe no education or anything to fall back on. So she really goes ham trying to do something on TV and you probably saw on the episode last night I don’t take her serious,  so I’m gonna always crack jokes. I can’t have a woman to woman conversation with a bird”

When it comes to her past relationship with Memphitz, K. says that it is one that she finds herself laughing to keep from crying about as she is still healing from everything that happened between them and has no intentions of meeting up with him in the future at all:

“Well, I’m always gonna laugh at that. That was a dark place in my life. I felt like once  I told my story it wasn’t to bash him. It wasn’t necessary for me to go back and forth. You know when the media is coming at you I think the best way to deal with it is to basically ignore a lot of things. But I embrace everything with laughter because a lot of my life was spent crying, so now I just think you know what you just gotta crack jokes and laugh about things. I don’t speak to him and don’t really  plan on it and I still don’t wish him any bad. I’m just trying to deal with what I was left with.”

As for Memphitz’s wife, K. says that she initially had a lot of respect for Toya at first until she started coming after her with the subtweets and Instagram shade. And K. feels like that was out of line of Toya for to trash a woman that she has never even met before as a way to defend her husband from a situation that she knew nothing about:

“I haven’t had any run-ins with her. I’ve really had a lot of respect for Toya, but when you start to bash another woman that you’ve never seen, then you lose my respect. That’s my only thing with that. I’m really proud of everything that she’s accomplished but I can do without the constant jabs and talking bad about a woman you’ve never seen in your life. It’s okay to ride or die for your man but know what you’re riding for”

Wonder if Toya regrets coming at K. like she did or if she  feels like K. Michelle  had it coming for revealing the alleged ugly side to her and Memphitz’s history together.