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Days after her single “Kiss My A**” released on ITunes, K. Michelle sat down with The Breakfast Club and gave shocking details about the fight that ended their relationship with Memphitz. She also talked about her beef with Toya Wright and Carlie Redd.

I feel like I never came for [Toya] as a woman. It was about me and him and it’s okay. It’s ok to be ride or die for your man, but know what you are riding for. You wasn’t around me. You was still hoppin on your other boy. You were still about that life then. If I’m saying in every interview, you know what, I’m proud of her thats another woman doing her thing it’s good. But I’m going to tell my story, what happened to me. And then you consistently take shots at me and I consistently turn the other cheek? I don’t do that.

K. Michelle said she knows that Memphitz is probably telling Toya lies about her.

It’s cool, I’m not trippin off that. Men will tell you stuff, but don’t come for me. Just say, I believe my husband. Don’t come for me because that’s not what you want to do.

When they asked her if Memphitz gave her bad contract because they were in a relationship she said no because “he does bad business with everybody.” She said that she isn’t trying to make him out to be a bad person.

I thought that was my knight in shining armor. We’re both from Memphis. He gave me my dream. I was 19, like ‘yes this is it I’m on my way! That’s my Tommy Mottolla it’s time to go!’ It went wrong. It got so intense. Honestly, I never was saying that he was a bad person. I knew he had temper issues but at the same time I also knew his background. And his background, you know the Klu Klux Klan killed his daddy. He doesn’t know where his daddy’s body is. People would call up to the label and say ‘Hey I know where your daddy’s body is. Give me some money.’

As far as what made the arguments turn physical, she admits that she would argue with him, but didn’t hit him first:

I wasn’t just sitting there innocent, but I didn’t hit him first. I did not. I didn’t do anything. He blacked out. It wasn’t just a restraining. I was smothered with a towel. He hit me in the head with a water bottle. It wasn’t nothing small. I was bruised up and bleeding.  What shocked me the most was the smothering. I was crawling and climbing to get away. Once I got away he was doing it again. He yanked me. I had carpet burns. I looked in his face and it did not look like him. I was screaming, “It’s me”. After that I left.

He was texting saying “I miss you, I’m sorry, I made a mistake. I really couldn’t forgive it because then he started saying “I made you”. When he started saying he made me then I started getting mad because I did not press charges because I loved him and I didn’t want him to get in trouble. I didn’t want him to lose his job. I still loved him. I just didn’t want to be with him. It got bad when R. Kelly came in.

She said Memphitz was upset about R. Kelly and felt that R. Kelly was trying to steal his artist. She says though their relationship was over, when she started talking, his threats escalated.

When I started doing interviews, I said I’m telling my story because he was still threatening me. He said if I kept telling he was going to kill my son. He’s crazy. He would spaz out. I kept every text message. The text messages and lawyer freed me from the label.

You can listen to the rest of the interview below: