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The last day of Mixshow Live 2 Atlanta included a pool party, sponsored by Digiwaxx. T.I. was on hand to introduce his new Grand Hustle artists Magellan and D.O.P.E., and B.O.B. performed his new single “Outta My Mind.”

Up first was R&B artist Magellan, who performed his song “Irene.” Yup, it’s about weed. LOL. He has a very soulful voice though, and sounded amazing live!

It was kind of weird hearing him sing in falsetto after T.I. stamped him as a “real street dude” though.

TI and artist Magellan

After he finished, T.I. introduced his new rap group D.O.P.E. which stands for Destroying Other People’s Egos, “not that shit you smoke,” says T.I. They went in!

Once they were done, B.O.B. and his bottom grill performed his new single “Outta My Mind” featuring Nicki Minaj. WOW! It was hot!

TI and B.O.B. (to the right)

Check out the video below:

via TheWordEyeHeard

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