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The footage shows what appears to be Chief Keef giving his uncensored opinion on Weezy F. Baby amongst friends.

Another day, another potential bridge burned for Chief Keef. Footage of Keef calling Lil Wayne “a h*mo” has made its way to the net. In the 34 second clip, the 16-year-old is seen getting a shape-up when a friend either suggests doing a song with Wayne or getting signed to YMCMB. Sorry, but between the loud music and the accents, it’s pretty difficult to hear. But what you can hear is Keef voicing his disdain for Wayne. Despite not liking Tunechi and, thinking he’s “h*mo,” the young Chicagoan would still do a song with him. Does this fall under the “keeping it trill” category or the “he’s young & dumb” category? (Smoking Section)

This all comes a couple weeks after the 17 year-old sent out a controversial tweet which name-dropped Kanye West.

To this day, I have never heard a song from Chief Keef. Now, that’s not hate. That’s just a fact. Ooops! Let me take that back. I heard the remix to “I Don’t Like” which featured Kanye West,Pusha T, Big Sean and Jadakiss. That joint was a big move for the kid. Now, even though Keef is making major moves, that’s the only song I have heard. But, despite the gesture, Keef insists that he did it all my himself. Keef was buzzing in the streets, but Keef says otherwise. Peep the tweet! “@kanyewest ain’t do sh*t for me Hoppin on da song wasn’t enuff I made myself hot #300 all by myself” (All Hip Hop Rumors)

Earlier this summer, fellow Chicago rapper Rhymefest penned an open letter on Chief Keef and the major record labels hunting down artists like him.

“Chief Keef is a “Bomb”, he represents the senseless savagery that white people see when the news speaks of Chicago violence. A Bomb has no responsibility or blame, it does what it was created to do; DESTROY! Notice, no one is talking about the real culprits, the Bomb maker or the pilot who is deploying this deadly force (Labels, Radio Stations). Its easier to blame the bomb. Bombs are not chosen for their individual talents, they are tools used for collateral damage. To think of the persona of Chief Keef as a person would be the first mistake, he will more then likely come and go without us knowing much of anything about his personal pains, struggles, great loves and ambitions beyond rap. He is a spokesman for the Prison Industrial Complex. Every corporation is expected to grow at least 4% each quarter, many prisons are privately owned with stock being traded on the open market. If these corporations were to do commercials, jingles and promotions who would they hire? You got it, most of the main stream rappers we salivate over like Rick Ross the former correctional officer turned Drug Lord Boss rapper. Waka Flocka Flame gang bang “GO HARD IN THE PAINT” and Chief Keef the newest lottery pick in the “Get paid to destroy young minds, like we destroyed yours” Sweepstakes. [sic]” (Donnie Nicole)

Around mid-June, Keef officially announced a partnership with Interscope Records.

Chief Keef already told you what he don’t like, but Interscope Records, that’s that sh– he do like. On Saturday (June 16) just hours before he took the stage at Birthday Bash with T.I. the Chicago upstart inked a deal with Jimmy Iovine‘s label and gave RapFix the exclusive. “I’ve been talkin’ to a lot of labels, but I just noticed that Interscope got people like 50, Eminem,” Keef told us after he got off stage performing his breakout track, “I Don’t Like.” The teenage spitter also revealed that he signed a publishing deal with Dr. Dre. Keef was recruited by a few labels including Cash Money and T.I.’s Grand Hustle. (RapFix)

Check out Chief Keef speaking on Lil Wayne below:


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