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When Kimberly Riggs got out of church last Sunday, the 40-year-old mother decided to let her 15-year-old daughter practice driving in the parking lot.

Eyewitnesses said the car suddenly lurched backward, hitting the mom from Batavia, Ohio with the open door and knocking her to the ground.

The teenage driver then veered left onto the street but stopped before she accelerated the car forward and reentered the lot. But the inexperienced girl drove through a fence into a backyard and hit the back of a house. When she reversed into the parking lot, the daughter did a 180-degree turn and struck Riggs again, this time pinning her against a fence.

“It’s like a movie, something you see on a movie, but to me, it’s like a dream that ain’t never stopping,” witness Jana Holbrook told the station.

“She couldn’t speak but she could just barely breathe by holding her sternum,” said Rusty Woolum, the pastor at Riggs’ church, said, “We were trying to keep her calm, telling her that help was on the way, that we were there with her.”

Police and EMTs from Newport, Ky., where the accident took place, transported Riggs to an area hospital where she was pronounced dead. The daughter was taken to a different hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Investigators have determined that Riggs’ death was accidental and no charges will be filed against the daughter.

Newport Police Chief Tom Collins said that he still can’t believe the series of events that led to Riggs’ death.

“In 35 years of law enforcement, I have never seen anything like this. It is hard to grasp,” Collins said. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.”


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