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It’s always the ish that happens when the cameras AREN’T rolling live that you have to be mindful of.  And Thursday night’s MTV VMAs were no different apparently.  Based on pics and video, the gorgeous Rihanna indeed exchanged a kiss and hug with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown out in the audience.

Live cameras didn’t show on tv….but some others cameras sure caught it. 

Now before you go making picket signs and burning cds or, on the flip side, before you start picking out “reunited” love songs, this kiss & hug exchange seemed like a simple greeting between the two.

Yes, Rih had a big smile plastered on her face when it went down. But it was quick, to the point, and could have just been a gesture of civility.

Yet and still, some folks say the fact they are displaying any type of affection toward each other in public is puzzling, considering their painfully public past.


Rih also hugged up his homie sitting next to him. (Source)

We’re also hearing rumors of a Nicki Minaj/Rihanna feud…a certain former “Real World” cast member tweeted that they overheard Nicki telling Rihanna to “Sit the f*ck down” when Rih tried to give her a hug.  While we’re not quite believing that rumor JUST yet (I mean, they were just besties 5 minutes ago), we did notice some interesting looks being exchanged all night.  We thought it was just their fun divatudes and inside jokes. 

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