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However, the rumor does not seem to be dying because now a source claims Simpson added Khloe to his will because he thinks he is her biological father. The source also claims that Simpson cut his oldest daughter Arnelle from the will because of her bad spending habits.

O.J is currently sitting in a prison cell, convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping. We’re told he has stashed away a couple million in the Cayman Islands and can expect more over the years due to his NFL pension, which pays him an annual sum of $300,000.


Sources say Simpson told his four kids – Arnelle, Jason, Sydney and Justin – that he’s changing his will to give a lot of that fortune to Khloe… and their reaction was less than enthusiastic. “At first they thought he was just making a big joke, but when they realized he was serious, they were flabbergasted,” says a source. “They are furious and wonder why they have to share the wealth with a complete stranger.”