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via TheWordEyeHeardToday is DeWayne Michael Carter’s 30th birthday. Not sure how he’s still alive with all the drugs he’s on, but he made it. Wayne’s rich, successful, and has bedded some of the most beautiful women in the world. They maybe blind but his strange behavior sometimes forces his talent to take a backseat.

As I tribute to Lil Wayne we decided to put together a few crazy moments from his public life that will make you say Hmmmmm!? Even though he claimed he stopped smoking….it would be hard to find a sober person act like this on their worst day. So here you go…

The #WordEyeHeard Presents: Top 5 Reasons Lil Wayne Must Be High

5. The “Throw That D!ck” Dance

The video below shows Lil Wayne gyrating his pelvis, thrusting his man bones toward the crowd. Did I mention there was an underage Lil Chuckee on stage with him?

Now Wayne, we all know you kissed Baby in the mouth, but don’t be trying to turn Chuckee out!

Go to about :30 in the video to see the dance.

Wayne, you must be high, because you didn’t realize how difficult it is to thrust your pelvis in those tight ass pants. But your mind was so far gone, you continued to try.

How do they dance in them skinny azz pants??

4. He Sleeps on Groupies’ Couches

Wayne is rich and famous. Lauren London let him skeet in her; why is he on this heaux’s Rent-A-Center couch in his undies in the first place? You obviously smashed, but you should know better than to fall asleep while a groupie is awake. Like any respectable groupie, she claimed this picture “leaked.” Umhm…

Wayne must have been high for two reasons: 1. He’s sleeping really hard on that super old, lumpy couch; 2. He took a picture in those ole “thank you for being a friend” ass glasses. RIP, Sofia.

I’m sure Wayne wouldn’t be caught sober in those glasses.

Well, unless he was in court…

…but even those glasses are more fashionable.

3. The Dedication 4

Did you hear this mixtape? Listen to it and tell me that he was sober when he recorded it. Long gone is the Wayne who focused on lyricism and delivery; this guy only cared about drinking, smoking, popping pills, and popping cherries.

Wayne can’t stay on subject, which is a classic trait of a crackhead.

He has lots of sex, which is what people on ecstasy do.

The mixtape was so bad, one guy is trying to sue him for wasting his time downloading it!

Think he’s not high? Just check out some of the lyrics from his “No Lie” freestyle:

I am sippin on that lean,Don’t bring me no bottles, hoe

Make it rain so hard, I make flowers grow, Hollygrove

Shout out to my weed man,shoutout to my lean man

Sittin on these mothaf*ckin millions like a bean bag

Fuck you, don’t judge me, drug me then love me

Eating on some pu$$y when I get the munchies

Those are in the first 10 bars. He’s sober….?


2. His Deposition

Lil Wayne is one confused little man. He’s also arrogant, rude, and apparently forgetful. He’ssuing Quincy Jones III over a documentary Jones made for him.

Besides the fact that Wayne says Jones used music from Wayne’s category without permission, Wayne also said the documentary was a  ”scandalous portrayal” of his life.

Scandalous, huh?

Well here’s some real-life portrayal from Lil Wayne’s interview with Jones’ lawyer…

Wayne seemingly threatens the lawyer twice, saying “He can’t save you in the real world….”

He puts his head down, rolls his eyes, and just isn’t generally interested.

You know it’s hard for crackheads to sit still.

Some more notable quotables…

“I don’t know but I do know I performed at this bad ass b*tch birthday party recently, she was crazzzy stupid thick.”

“I don’t recall that”

“What’s your name again”

“I was talking to myself”

Now watch the video and tell me he’s sober.

Wayne must be high if he thinks this is helping him prove that the “scandalous portrayal” of his life was anything but the truth.

1. Look at His FACE!

You remember when Lil Wayne was kinda cute? When he had braids and Tha Block is Hot had just come out?

We all know he smoked weed back then (he accidentally shot himself at 13 when he was high), but he still looked pretty normal. And he was rapping his little ass off!

Don’t you miss this Lil Wayne…? I do!!!

And even after all the Hot Boys left and he was the lone Cash Money Millionaire, he was still holding it down. Tha Carter will always be one of Wayne’s best albums. (It’s true because I have a website and I said it.)

Look at his face; still somewhat normal, right…?

That’s because weed won’t let you get “Fear of God” tatted on your eyelids and forehead.

Those aren’t teardrops on his face; it’s little pieces of his skin dying and falling off.

These horrid tattoos coincide with ecstasy and promethazine being a constant in Wayne’s life.

Who else do you know with “MISUNDERSTOOD” tatted on the side of his face? No Wayne, we understand you very well: You couldn’t let Gucci Mane out-ugly you.

Wayne, you must be high, because after all the mess you’ve done with your face, I know you can stand to look at yourself unless your high as a giraffe’s ass.

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard.

Lauren London let Lil Wayne skeet in her.

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