So the question on everybody’s (everybody, meaning kids age 9-16) mind is, who’s going to be the new hosts of 106 & Park? Well….could Bow Wow be in the equation…? That’s the Word Eye Heard…

Now before you clown, let’s not forget that Bow Wow was known as “Mr. 106 & Park” back in the day because he had so many videos at #1 that had to be retired. He used to run that countdown! And Bow Wow’s not a bad actor at all. I don’t think so.

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So if it’s true, maybe this isn’t a bad idea….?

Bow Wow hasn’t been doing much music lately, as he’s been feeling a lack of support from his label Cash Money, so maybe this could be a much needed boost to his career.

And he hasn’t had the best press either. There was the hotel raid over drugs, and who can forget the picture of Bow ALLEGEDLY getting pounded…by a dude.

So again…this is just a rumor, and we’ll all have to wait until Monday (Oct 1) to find out who the new hosts of 106 & Park are.

But I don’t think it’s a horrible idea. He ain’t dong nothing else…

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