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Multi-talented musician Wyclef Jean decided to celebrate his 43rd birthday in peculiar fashion. The longtime motorcycle enthusiast tweeted a picture of himself straddling a Ducati wearing nothing but Michael Phelps work clothes.

“TODAY I AM 43 YEARS OLD! I look And feel 26!,” he wrote. “U cant keep à good Man down! Keep à smile when they want you to frown!”

Where were his boys?

Don’t you have people on the payroll to pull the plug on the kind of ideas that publicists keep the cyanide pill on deck for? I mean, they’re around with their palms up on payday faster than you can say platinum. But none of them were close enough to aim that palm at your eyes and say… well, what’s Creole for “This has got to stop?”

And what about your friends?  Whoever took this shot for you is on Sean Penn’s payroll. It is the duty of a man’s inner circle to stop him from showing his ass (in this case almost literally).  We know Clef has more swag than this. He gave us The Fugees, he put Destiny’s Child on the map and made Lil Wayne want to be Haitian. So what happened?  Jerry Wonda, get your boy. Carlos Santana, get your boy. John Forte, get your boy.  Fugg it. Shakira! Tell your man his hips didn’t lie either and the truth is they need some Aquaphor.

We need you to step away from the perfect pushup, drop the man-kini, the Crisco and the camera… ESPECIALLY the camera!”

This has been a 70′s baby PSA

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