You guessed it: sex. Gunplay bonded out and is on house arrest pending his robbery and assault trial.

Gunplay’s out on $150,000 bond while he awaits trial for robbing and attacking his accountant on April 13th. I know you remember the video, right…?

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Anywho, Gunplay tells TMZ that this house arrest thing is good for him. ”Being on house arrest really is a blessing for me.” This has helped me slow down and not want to do negative things anymore.”

He adds, “This is a life-changing eye-opener for me that I need to just slow down and do right.”

And how is he passing the time? Like any other man with nothing to do but sit at home: work on his album, play video games…and have sex.

“One main difference from house arrest instead of jail is that I can still get sex … which is a wonderful thing. Although in jail I was still f**king Corporal Mary Palmer and her five sisters.”


I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. Can you really imagine making sweet love to someone with this face…?

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