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The man who accused Kevin Clash, AKA Elmo, of sexing him when he was underage, has some skeletons in his closet. Robbery skeletons…

Not saying every person who’s been to jail is going to lie about everything else in life, but this doesn’t look good for the accuser. Especially since he accused Clash of the crime, then recanted his statement.

Clash never denied the two had sex, but said it was between 2 consenting adults.

Well anywho, the accuser, Sheldon Stephens, was once arrested for his part in a robbery of a music manager for jewelry worth $250,000. Stephens is a struggling model/actor from Philadelphia.

You seen his face? That’s probably why he’s struggling.


Alright, I’ll be fair. He’s cute after photoshop. And a damn haircut.

Per the UrbanDaily, Many speculated the reason Sheldon Stephens shared and recanted his story so rapidly was because he was the beneficiary of checkbook journalism, meaning he was paid for his story and then paid another sum to go away. This isn’t too far-fetched because Sheldon Stephens was once arrested several times for many different offenses ranging from reckless driving and writing bad checks. His most serious crime was when he allegedly robbed music manager Darian Pollard.

Crime definitely runs in the family. Sheldon’s mother Felecia Stephens was charged with attempted murder after she stabbed her husband with a pair of scissors. And she’s actually due in court December 19th for aggravated assault.

Again, a sketchy past doesn’t mean he’s lying now. All we can do is go on the information we have. He accused Kevin Clash, then he recanted his statement. Was he lying, or was he threatened?

Who knows. But if he is lying, shame on him for trying to ruin Sesame Street!

Im lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. I don’t care what y’all say; this is all Mitt Romney’s fault.

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