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With retirement from album-making impending, Wayne revealedwhat he would rather do with his time away from a recording studio.

“My day job would probably be a sports analyst and I would skate all night instead of being in the studio all night,” Wayne told Sway Calloway during his “MTV First” premiere of “No Worries,” adding that he just “wants to be vital in the [skate] world” but skate enthusiasts probably would rather the rapper stick to what he knows. “I never been sonned or nothing like that because I did the eight months on the island, so you know sonning me is going to be a little difficult,” Tunechi laughed, referencing his time on Rikers Island. Still, he does have a little bit of hate coming his way from his native New Orleans. (RapFix)

Weezy F. Baby also dished out what group of haters dedicate themselves to trashing him.

“There is this skater crew called- I don’t know why I’m giving them love, but it’s called the ‘FWC.’ It’s called the ‘F–k Weezy Campaign’ and it’s a whole bunch of skaters that’s just like, ‘we don’t like the fact that Wayne skates period.’ Like ‘stick to doing what you do, don’t join our world, we don’t want you here,’ that type of thing.” (RapFix)

Last year, Wayne delved into his love and respect for skateboarding culture.

“I’ve researched, and I know everything about the culture. I know everything about who’s who, what’s what, who won what, and who’s better than who, and who skates for what team, and I’m into it. I’m into it. And you know what, they respect me a whole lot. Everywhere we go, every city or state we go, we have a skate park booked for after the show. I go there, I skate till about sun-up, and seven times outta ten, there’s usually a pro there. Or they’re usually connected to some pro or on some pro team. And, you know, we take pictures, we skate, we session together. They respect me so much just musically, without skating, period. A guy told me the other day, he was like, “You know what’s so crazy is like, a lot of artists say they skate, or a lotta artists say they pick a skateboard. But, you know, for the best to do it, it makes you a person that skates, it refreshes you, to remember why you picked up a skateboard.” (GQ)

Last September, the platinum-selling rap star treated his hometown to a skatepark.

Lil Wayne returned to his hometown on his 30th birthday to present a very special gift. The sports enthusiast was on hand to cut the ribbon at the Trukstop skatepark in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward, one of the most devastated sections of the city after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Following the ceremony, Weezy hit the ramp for a one-hour skate demo with the Mountain Dew Pro and Amateur skate teams, including Paul Rodriguez and Theotis Beasley. (Rap-Up)