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Over the weekend, we were hit with the shocking news that Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher had shot and killed his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins before putting a gun to his own head at a nearby team facility.  He came in contact with the team’s coach and general manager and allegedly thanked them for all they had done for him before he shot himself in the parking lot.  Since then, friends of the couple have been reaching out to various websites to give details of the couple’s relationship leading up to the murder suicide with some playing the “blame game.”

According to one source, the two had dated for three years but had split up recently. Over the past few weeks, things began getting tense between the couple after they began fighting over their three-month-old daughter, Zoe. Sources claim that Jovan had also become increasingly out of control because of head injuries he gained on the field coupled with prescription drug and alcohol addiction.

It was his girlfriend Kasi (Kasandra) Perkins. They have been arguing for quite sometime and had separated 2 weeks ago. He had brought her and the baby back home however, they were both arguing on a regular basis. […] This was the result of a long term conflict. I’m referring to the rumors that this was solely related to an argument about her attending the Trey Songs concert… It wasn’t. Kasi had left and taken Zoe (their daughter) to a relatives house without his consent and refused to come home. In addition to that, she made it clear that she was leaving and would contact a lawyer to “get as much money as possible.” Her friends are speaking to the media so, I only feel write providing his perspective to this situation. It had little, if anything to do with one isolated argument..

On source also tells Deadspin:

[On the Thursday night after the Nov. 12 Chiefs-Steelers Monday Night Football game] he came home and Kasi had taken the baby (Zoe) to Jamaal Charles residence because she is cousins with Jamaal’s wife Whitney. They had been arguing for quite a few weeks prior which was nothing new. The majority of the arguments were due to Kasi failing college classes that Jovan was paying for and quitting her retail job where she worked two 4 hour shifts a week. From my perception, she was lazy and after learning she was introduced to him through her cousin who is married to Jamaal I can only assume she was after money. I’m in no way trying to defame her character, however; she is the catalyst to this incident. With friends/associates of hers speaking out to the media and saying that this incident stemmed from am argument about her staying out late for a concert, I have to disagree and provide the full spectrum. Jovan loved her and more importantly loved Zoe. After their argument and she left with the baby he convinced her to move back in for the sake of the baby. As far as what led to this tragic incident, I would say a combination of alcohol, concussions, and prescription drugs put him in a state that he would not otherwise be in.

When it comes to prescription medication it is unclear from my perspective whether it was diagnosed and authorized by the team or not. However I know he was under the influence of narcotics for pain and I’m sure the toxicology report will reflect this. However, Jovan drank ALOT. On a nightly basis. This is not a mystery as he did so in public and private.

When it comes to his concussions; if you review the footage of the Cincinnati game he took a few hits to the head directly […] he was dazed and was suffering from short term memory loss. He could not remember the events that had taken place prior to that game or what he had said to get Kasi to return home.

Meanwhile, after a few sites published the rumor that Jovan had suspected Kasandra of cheating with Trey Songz when she returned home late from his after party, Trey took to his twitter to clear his name of any involvement:

I don’t delete tweets, nor am I insensitive to death. I had no knowledge of the murder/suicide incident until now & even still…

As sad as it may be, it has nothing to do with me. Sending prayers up to the families and friends of the people involved.

Such a tragic story.

A brief sidenote: Head injuries are becoming a big issue within the NFL. According to an article titled, “Dying To Play” that ran in the NY Times back in September,  retired football players or three to four times more likely to die from brain diseases as a result from head injuries acquired during their years of playing football. Also, more than 3,000 former players have sued the N.F.L., charging that the league failed to inform them of the dangers they faced,  protect them against concussions and provide ample health care. [SOURCE]

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