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It took him about 24 hours but Game officially flipped out over allegations that he was once a stripper. As Hip-Hop Wired reported yesterday, the Compton native’s  stepfather appears in a new documentary where he details Game’s days as a stripper.

Going on Twitter this morning, the 33-year-old showered his stepfather, Hodari Sabubu with rhetorical questions, and lots of bad language. “It didn’t work n***a,” he wrote. “It’s old, n***as tried dat 1  & n***as still thinkin that bulls**t gone END me? I’m to the Canyons on yo bum a** n***a.”

He also said that Sabubu isn’t really his stepfather because his mother “aint’ never been MARRIED!!!”

In the aforementioned doc, Sabubu details opening a strip club with Game’s mom, saying that the rapper “danced maybe twice,” and rocked a g-string while doing so. He also claimed that 50 Cent “won’t let him forget it,” and said that there are pictures proving his story.

When an opportunity to attack Game pops up 50 usually rises to the occasion, but surprisingly, he hasn’t inserted himself in the controversy.  As for those alleged photos, 50 played into the rumors back in 2006, when he Photoshopped an image of Game on the body of a leopard-thong-wearing male stripper for his G-Unit Radio Vol. 21- Hate  it or Love It mixtape.


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