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Although Keef got placed into police custody a few days ago, his Twitter page got flooded with a slew of unexpected tweets Wednesday (January 16) evening.

The Chi-town rapper disses Soulja Boy, praises Hopsin, and apparently has a new positive outlook on life. So, Chief Keef violated probation and got arrested yesterday, but it seems he’s already been released from jail, seeing that he’s tweeting. Unless someone hacked his Twitter, and this seems likely judging by the content of the tweets. “Souljaboy is a d*ck stealin every1 flow” “Shout out to @hopsin hes got that real music” “I should stop rappinabout violence its a disgrace” “For now on im rappin about good sh*t. #NoViolence” (The Source)

After some initial stirring, a few sites came to the conclusion Keef’s page likely got hacked.

Chief Keef, who was taken into custody by the Chicago Police yesterday for a probation violation, appears to have had his Twitter account compromised. A series of tweets went out indicating that whoever is behind all this has a faulty agenda: The hacker doesn’t care for previous Keef collaborator Soulja Boy, who was described as a “dick stealin’ every1 flow.” These hackers love Hopsin. The impostor said he’s “got that real music.” The hacker wants Keef to “stop rappin about violence.” The hacker gave up or was locked out of the account, as all the tweets stopped at around 5:20 p.m. (Complex)

Last summer, Keef claimed his Twitter page got hacked in light of controversial remarks made toward slain local music rival Lil JoJo.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Lil JoJo, 18, whose real name is Joseph Coleman, was gunned down at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday on a street in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. He had been engaged in a running war of words with several rival rappers, among them Chief Keef, who is 17. But Mr. Coleman also had been feuding with a local street gang, the Black Disciples, and the police were investigating whether his death was connected to that dispute, the Sun-Times reported, quoting the police. Hours after the murder, a message appeared on Chief Keef’s Twitter account that appeared to make light of Mr. Coleman’s death. The message drew angry responses from many of Chief Keef’s followers on Twitter. He later sent a message suggesting that his account had been hacked. (New York Times)

The teenage rapper got locked up earlier this week over a probation violation.

Just weeks after releasing his debut album, “Finally Rich,” South Side rapper Chief Keef was taken in handcuffs from juvenile court Tuesday after a Cook County judge ordered him held in custody. Judge Carl Anthony Walker ruled that Chief Keef had violated his probation for a 2011 gun conviction by holding a rifle at a gun range in New York while a video was being shot last summer. (Chicago Tribune)

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