Justin Bieber’s passion for rap is undying, and he’s back in the booth alongside Juicy J to guest on Maejor Ali’s “Lolly.”

Scratching your head about who Maejor Ali is? So were we, until we realized he’s actually just Bei Maejor going by a new name. Cool.

As for the tune itself, “Lolly” is being used here as a euphemism for — what else? — a man’s private parts.

Check the chorus: “She say she love my lolly, she wanna make it pop/ She say she love my lolly, she wanna lick the top.”

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As for Bieber’s raps, he spits: “Fifty for the necklace, look down at my set list/ Got your girlfriend at my crib watching Netflix/ Let’s just, admit that I’m the bestest/ Guess this, you ain’t never ever one the guest list.”

Suffice it to say, this is not groundbreaking work. Regardless, it’s a pretty good track. Check it out.

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