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Oh, the struggle. What is left to do when you’re a millionaire bachelor who has had half of Hollywood in your bed? Chase reporters at NASCAR.

50 Cent, who must have been on a crusade to end stereotypes about Black folk at NASCAR, showed up on pit row during The Daytona 500, much to the surprise of Fox Reporter Erin Andrews.

Andrews, who was actually there to work, was looking for driver Danica Patrick for a pre-race interview when she ran into Chelsea Handler’s ex.  50 reached in face first for a hello “smooch,” but Andrews pulls a Harlem Shake move that would make Bauuer AND G-Dep slow clap in approval.

The confused grimace on 50′s face is priceless.  Watch video of the chase and the immortalized gif. Somewhere Rick Ross is having a good chuckle.

And here is the moving picture:


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