Things have gotten VERY nasty in the custody battle between Deion Sanders and estranged wife Pilar Sanders.  In fact, Deion stormed out of court earlier today after Pilar accused him of abusing steroids.  The tension was so high that the judge dismissed the jury so the lawyers could continue to argue the relevance of such an allegation (without causing prejudice with the jury).

And if steroid allegations weren’t enough, NBC reports both sides have accused the other of cheating during the marriage and have used witnesses to question one another’s character.  And in an interesting twist, Pilar’s lawyer called Deion’s NEW girlfriend Tracey Edmonds to the stand.  Of course Tracey was NOT there (even though she had been subpoenaed).  THAT would that have been a made-for-tv-moment though…

According to the Dallas Morning News, Pilar spent most of the day crying on the stand and has made allegations that Deion threatened her and is trying to detroy her career.  Also, she tried to build a case for why she should have full-custody.

From the looks of it, the battle will be raging for days to come.  We’ll keep you posted.


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