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Lil Wayne had a single seizure caused by stress, not drugs, and will soon be leaving an L.A. hospital where he’s been for nearly a week, Birdman said on Monday in a radio interview aimed directly at quashing “false rumors.”

“It didn’t have nothing to do with drugs,” Birdman (real name Bryan Williams) told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez. “No such thing like that. To me, it’s just how he works. He works around the clock, he’s just a hard grinder for this music. But it wasn’t nothing about no drugs. He just needs to get some rest and relax.”

The Cash Money co-CEO told Martinez that he witnessed Wayne having the seizure on Tuesday, March 12, at home before they were scheduled to leave for a video shoot. Wayne was laid down and 911 was called.

“I was there with him,” Birdman said. “I mean the ambulance came so we got him straight to the hospital where they can contain him.”

TMZ triggered panic on Friday night with a report alleging Wayne was “being prepared for his last rites” after suffering from seizures caused by high amounts of codeine in his system. The severity of Wayne’s condition was immediately refuted by members of his Young Money camp, including Mack Maine shot back at the website for trying to “kill a man before his time.”

“We was watching the game when that popped off,” Birdman told Martinez. “No, he’s never been about to die or anything like that.”

Birdman also took aim at the celebrity news site, which quickly walked back their initial reports that Wayne was near death. (They do, however, continue reporting that he is suspected of overdosing on codeine, suffered several seizures and had to have his stomach pumped three times.)

“We got family and kids, so when you putting out false rumors like that you can really damage families like that,” he said. “He’ll be home soon.”

Meanwhile, TMZ is now reporting that Wayne has been moved out of the ICU and into a “regular room” at Cedars-Sinai hospital; in a good sign, the rapper has been spotted walking around with his bodyguards.


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