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It’s a sad world we live in when a person can be facing the same amount of jail time as a rapist for stealing a bag of frozen food. Please don’t look at the screen incredulously. This is a true story. Estelle Casimir is facing up to two years in jail for attempting to lift a bag of frozen meatballs from her job in West Point, New York.

Casimir is a housekeeper at the West Point Military Academy where she was spied trying to steal the frozen goods. According to a signed affidavit by the operations manager, Casimir was seen trying to hide a black bag. When the operations manager asked about the contents in the bag, Casimir lied and said it was nothing but trash. After some prodding, Estelle Casimir showed her manager what was inside of the bag. When the operations manager continued to question Estelle about why she hadn’t thrown the bag in the trash, Estelle Casimir said she found the bag by one trash area and was in the process of taking it to another.

Casimir was charged with two counts of misdemeanor crimes for stealing property and possessing stolen property. Each counts holds the sentence of one year in jail and a thousand dollar fine. Casimir entered a plea of not guilty through her attorney Michael Ferraro. Until the a ruling has been passed, Estelle Casimir will be suspended without pay.

Let all of this marinate. The young men who were convicted of raping a drunk girl at a party all got two years in jail and Estelle Casimir could get the same for a bag of frozen meatballs? Somebody explain this to me because the crime of rape is a lot more serious than stealing meatballs and if we are going to sit here with a straight face and agree that a raped young girl is equivalent to the theft of some meatballs, we all need our heads examined. That is really too much over a meatball theft. West point needs to have a seat. Don’t you think?


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