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Wendy Raquel Robinson spoke about all things “The Game,” including what to except from Tasha Mack this season, how the show handled the new cast members and if there really is any hard feelings between her and Tia Mowry-Hardrict.

On how she feels about the Game returning

How do I feel? I feel like I’m floating … its one of those experiences that I can honestly chalk up and say it’s so much bigger than any of us could have ever imagined and I’m smelling the roses , I’m totally smelling the roses …

On how she perceives Tasha Mack

Don’t get it twisted she’s gotten me out of some real precarious situations … she says some things that I’m, you know, I’m afraid to say or don’t want to say, or choose not to say and there are moments when I need her to say that and get me out of situations.  But all in all I call her ‘the every woman’ and we all have a little ‘Tasha’ in us.  Some have a bit more, other have a bit less, but ultimately she’s that every woman.

Tasha Mack is locked in a love triangle between Rick Fox and Pookie (Rockmond Dunbar) – Wendy on what fans can expect

She was able to fall in love and there was a breaking down of the guard and now I think she falls even deeper in love and there’s a greater breaking down of the guard, so much so where she’s broken way down now and there’s a lot of self discovery.  It’s very funny, it’s very emotionally charged, it’s very even dramatic at times but now we get to a core.  Everything comes to a head … it’s like ‘honey you can’t have your cake and eat it too without suffering the consequences.’

On what the new cast members are bringing to The Game

Lauren London and Jay Ellis came and they stood their own. ..They came in and they brought it.  What they brought was basically a fresh new energy, because after a while storylines can get redundant.  I mean how many times can you fight and break up?  …So what they brought is this newness and a fresh energy that can become infectious . it was almost like starting over again because now it’s a new Sunbeam that comes in to play.  For the fellas they got a new rookie they gotta haze and bring him up to speed.  So we revisited a lot of those moments but because of what they brought, it wasn’t a revisit it was more like a revitalization!

On if there are any hard feelings between herself and Tia

Tia is like my little sister.  We’re still very close.  She’s very dear to me.  Initially it was hard.  It was like going through a divorce.  But ultimately she’s doing fine.  Her career is flourishing and it’s bright and she’s moving on.  Yes, it was difficult, it was emotional because we were like …well we ARE family.  So it’s like ‘wow what happens when your sister gets married and moves out and starts her own life.’  But the way that the writers handled the situation is really a testament to the caliber of writers we were lucky to work with and have been working with.  Many of the original writers were on this season and they just handled that transition so well and so amazing, it was seamless.  As an artist I’m just so thankful we didn’t get cancelled!

On working with Brandy

We’re both from LA so we have a lot of the same energy and the same ‘homegirlisms’ – so we actually ended up having a ball and becoming closer on camera and off.


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